Connecting devices everywhere.

Nodle is the world’s largest ecosystem of connected devices, providing infrastructure, software and access to data for the Internet of Things.

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IoT Devices Connected & Discovered in the last 24 hours

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How Nodle works

IoT devices connect to phones via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

IoT embeded in city furniture, devices, parcels stay connected via the BLE network.


The phone acts as an internet hub for the IoT devices

Millions of phones in cities power Nodle’s low energy decentralised network.


Cell towers provide internet access to IoT devices via phones

The wireless BLE network efficiently uses mobile phones to connect to the internet.

Bluetooth® and the Bluetooth® logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Grow Your Network & Monetize Your Reach

Integrate the Nodle SDK in 3 steps and create a new revenue stream for your apps.

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Add Nodle SDK as an Android dependency

Simply copy the nodle-sdk-release.aar into your libs directory and add it as a dependency in your gradle.build file.

Set up permissions

Nodle needs several permissions to work properly. Add the following in your AndroidManifest.xml.

Create an instance of a Nodle

You must create one instance of the Nodle object, a good place is to put it as a member of an Application class. Add the following code in MyApplication.java.

Add Nodle SDK as an Android dependency

Simply copy the nodle-sdk-release.aar into your libs directory and add it as a dependency in your gradle.build file.


dependencies {
  compile filetTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.aar'])

Privacy Focused

We anonymize data to protect user’s privacy.

Ease of Integration

It only takes 3 simple steps to integrate the Nodle SDK.

Strong Community

Join over 10 million smartphones in our network.

Global packet count


Gain Access to Connectivity Efficiently


2 Mbps$25m (up to 1000m)Global roaming


20-300 kbps$$300mLimited to no roaming


1 Mbps$$$$$500mNo roaming
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More Data, Better Analytics

Gain location and usage data for devices like sensors, logistics trackers and consumer products while respecting user privacy.

New Opportunities to Engage Your Customers

Our network provides opportunities to improve your customer experience, for example, through secure lost & found support for devices.

Low Energy Usage

Our network uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which utilises a low amount of energy.

Use cases

Nodle Has a Diverse Set of Applications

Nodle is an easy way to locate IoT devices and connect them to the cloud. It powers delay tolerant applications in diverse consumer and industrial applications.

Supply Chain

Nodle’s global low energy network can accurately track containers, pallets and parcels across borders, providing insightful data to both businesses and consumers.

Fleet Management

Through the Nodle network, freights, bikes and scooters can be managed and tracked with ease, empowering the future of fleet management and transportation innovation.

Consumer Electronics

Nodle’s BLE powered network opens doors to new consumer tech possibilities, such as personal device tracking, location-based notifications and secure decentralised messaging.

Sensors & Machines

Sensors and devices powered by software can benefit by staying connected to the Nodle network, allowing for easy updates, synchronisation and status monitoring.


Monetize Your Existing Cellular Infrastructure

Nodle enables IoT manufacturers to rent your 3G + 4G infrastructure using smartphones as a base station. Monetize your infrastructure through Nodle’s low power IoT network.

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Increase ARPU

Increase ARPU with a 100% software solution, and monetize the unlicensed spectrum.


Nodle’s connectivity service is zero CAPEX to deploy and maintain.

You're in Good Company

As a Fortune 500 company Constellation Brand works with Nodle to track hundreds of displays across the country.

The City of Paris works with Nodle to track furniture like benches and kiosks within the city for the next 10 years. The furniture beacons collect data on visitors in order to conduct surveys on park quality.

Chipolo works with Nodle to provide consumer asset tracking, helping customers find lost keys or other personal objects.

Cisco Meraki works with Nodle to extend Meraki's BLE coverage and track devices outside of buildings and facilities, including supply chain tracking.

There are 10 millions of rental bikes and scooters. Nodle is in plans to work with cities and companies to track city wide bike and scooter programs.

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Follow our exciting journey as we progress in building the future of the Internet of Things.