Proof of Connectivity

​​At an abstract level, Nodle mining is similar to bitcoin mining in that the Nodle coins exist in the protocol's design (just as the gold exists underground), but they haven't been found yet (just as much of the world’s gold hasn't yet been discovered). The Nodle network defines that 2.1 billion Nodle coins will be mined at some point. “Miners" perform an action, or work, that reveals a few Nodle Coins at a time through proof of connectivity.

​​Nodle proof of work is called proof of connectivity. It is made of data which is difficult (costly, time-consuming) to produce but easy for other miners to verify and which satisfies the requirements defined in the reward formula. ​​

​In order to validate that a miner has performed work, proof of connectivity defines each miner’s contributions to the network. Data packets are defined as a) background data packets, and b) paid data packets. Paid data packets have a “bounty” placed on them by network subscribers who wish to move data between devices and the internet. ​​

​The Nodle network validates that a packet has been transmitted, paid for, and a reward has been credited to the contributor.